Friday, February 16, 2007

Blogging is the New Talk Radio

It occurred to me as I was driving up to the aiport, listening to Glenn Beck on 97.1, and then again today, driving up to the orthodontists, listening to Bill O'Reilly, that blogging is akin to talk radio. The host puts an issue out there and listeners add their view points. The problem with talk radio is the host gets the majority of air time and the probability of someone getting through and articulating their point of view is slim to none.
Now comes blogging...

There is still a host, bringing up an issue and readers who can present their side. But the glorious thing is you have time to hash your thoughts through, save it in your draft file and when you've edited your post to death, publish.
I've only tried a few times in my life to get through to a talk radio program - never got through and only ended up yelling my comments at the radio, frustrated that the world never got to hear my oh-so-profound opinion.
So I blog. But what's going to generate conversation? Controversy, titilation, wisdom. Well I don't know if I have any of those things to offer. I read a blog this past week that said, wisely, write about what you know.

So I'm focusing on the issues for a homeschooling, pastor's-wife, 40-something, continually diet-struggling Christian woman of the 21st century. I want to know how others make it in this world - having quiet times, exercising, homeschooling, loving their children, loving their husbands, loving God, keeping a warm, hospitable home while seeing the gospel spread wherever they make their presence.
Let's start with a quiet time...what do you do and how do you maintain one? I ask this because all my Christian life I've heard, been told, knew in my spirit the vitality of one, but have never maintained a quiet time. I get so distracted by the duties of the day. It takes 20 minutes just for my mind to slow down, shut off those noises and feel focused on reading the word with sincerity and honesty.

Many years ago I heard these wise words from Vernon Grounds (former preseident of Denver Seminary): the ruts of routine are the grooves of God's grace. I do know in the depth of my soul, when I keep to the ruts my life flows smoothly, patiently and lovingly. But then my rebllious old nature yells, "Routine, Routine, that's soo old fashioned, soo austere. Spontaneity is what you want. Don't be tied down to such traditions." It seems my entire Christian walk has been a struggle against my old natures desire for laziness and free-falling versus discipline, patience, and spiritual growth/maturity.
What ruts of routine are essential for you to know the grooves of God's grace?

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