Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Internet is a Wonderful Thing!

Thanks to Ann Bennett I have an airport card in the ibook my husband tossed off to me. Thank you Ann. In the last few weeks of homeschooling I have come to appreciate the wonders of the internet and have been accessing it with abandon. The laptop sits on our kitchen table/school station and is always open. Whenever Aidan and I are studying a topic we don't understand or are curious for more information we turn the computer around and type in via wikipedia or google or whatever and voila! there is more information than we can dowload.
For instance: we are reading Rascal by Sterling North. It's a delightful memoir of a boys summer in 1918 when he captures and tames a raccoon. After a few pages into the book I said, "Hey Aidan, lets find out where this story takes place." Google Sterling North and Boom - there's an entire website dedicated to him and Rascal. Wonders! Maybe I'm a little slow on the use of technology...but once I get started...!

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