Thursday, March 29, 2007

Time to Get Political

There is something disturbing to me about Dr. Dobson's recent statement about Fred Thompson and his possible run for the presidency. Dobson
"has never known Thompson to be a committed Christian—someone who talks openly about his faith."
So by Dobson's standards a Christian is one who talks openly about their faith. And unless a candidate is a "Christian" they shouldn't be considered worthy.

Now I believe if one believes something that has so radically effected their life they will talk about it - want to spread the word. Maybe.

I have been a "Christian" for 30 years - well that's when I said the sinner's prayer at a protestant highschool winter camp (I was attending Holy Family Catholic Church at the time.)But you know, after saying the prayer (I'm sure I'm a notch in someone's belt - ooh, cyncism!) my life didn't change radically. The counselor in my cabin asked me some basic questions about God and Jesus. I answered in the affirmative simply because I understood who Jesus was and what he did for me - through the teaching I received at Holy Family. But my life didn't change. I confessed to a belief I already had. But I knew I was "in the kingdom". I knew I was a child of God. And I didn't tell anyone about my "conversion", probably because nothing radical had changed for me - I believed what I believed, knew for years. Now if someone asked me, approached me I would say, "I'm a Christian and this is what I believe." I just didn't advertise it. So how does that fit in with Dobson's definition of a Christian?

My other problem with Dobson's statement is
"[I] don't think he's a Christian; at least that's my impression," Dobson added, saying that such an impression would make it difficult for Thompson to connect with the Republican Party's conservative Christian base and win the GOP nomination.

Dobson is certainly not speaking for me and I think he would be surprised how many people would contradict him.

Christians in the political arena is a sticky topic. I believe Christians should be involved in politics when they invade areas of justice and equality. I am for candidates/congressmen/presidents who are for Micah 6:8. I also believe God can use a candidate/congressman/president who does not call themself a Christian. He is sovereign over the nations, He establishes their rule.

Maybe Fred Thompson is a great leader, maybe not. Maybe he'll run, maybe not. But for Dobson to declare him 1) not a Christian; 2) not worthy of being a republican candidate because he isn't a christian is rather arrogant and irresponsible.

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Nairobi Paul said...

Great to catch up with your blog, Barb. You've been prolific - and that's good.

I did hoist a pint - though I didn't know it was Dave's b'd. Next year I will!

Re: home-schooling - you forgot to list that the local alternatives aren't that attractive! But then, if a church member read your blog - well, I won't even think about that.