Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Must-Read Article For Anyone With Heart

Our friend in CO has posted a link to an excellent article in NYTimes. Please visit her site. Courtney is a woman with heart, soul and conviction. She is an active advocate against slavery, which is alive and well in our generation.

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Courtney said...

thanks barb. :)

When the author talks of how she ultimately chose to take their baby home b/c "she was their daughter" and it resonated with me. So many people, myself included, wonder about the bonding (not the attachement, that's different) process of parent to child when adopting. For us, it was instantenous although not easy.
Real life smacked me in the face the day I posted this article.. take a look at my update and please pray for our friends. They have a painful few days ahead of them and are asking for prayer.