Monday, June 11, 2007

So I'm facing this new freedom that I just have to share with y'all. Ian got his license a few weeks back and not until this week it occurred to me, "Ian can run to the store and buy last minute items I forgot to pick up! Brilliant!"

He just returned from the Butcher's with 2# of ground beef (I did buy some but the key is defrosting it in time). He enjoys his new-found freedom and I r-e-a-l-l-y appreciate having a third driver in the house.


Oma said...

Funny....I get the same reaction from his Grandpa (Opa) when I ask him to run an errand on his motorcycle. Must be in the genes...-)

Barb said...

boys will be boys

Julie in SEA said...

Oops, maybe this is my 2nd try at posting comment on this entry. Hey, has Ian's hair been this curly for a while? Where have we been-Asia or something?

Who's gonna teach RAchel to drive this summer?

Check out other comment on previous blog (ads one). Love you guys!