Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WFMW-Brand Loyalty

At WFMW (Works For Me Wednesdays) there is a theme for today's post - what brand(s) can you not do without.
Immediately I thought of my tea - since I'm running low. It's British Tetley tea.

I got hooked on the stuff when we lived in Canada. I have somehow finagled friends and family so buy me several packages whenever they are passing through the U.K. But...I am down to 10 teabags and my dear, dear husband has taken to drinking my tea this summer, which means the stash is disappearing twice as fast. One morning, last week, I was complaining to him about his consumption of my libation and he lovingly, later that day, found a British import website. Since I have no one flying home from or over to England within the next several months I will be making an order with British Delights for 240 bags.

And by the way, it is the best tea!

I'm pretty easily swayed with brands - usually tend toward the cheapest but there are definite places where quality and price go hand in hand:
Oatmeal - always go with the Quaker
Chocolate Chips - Hersey's of course
Toilet paper - Scott's


Marti Smith said...

Have you tried Tetley's "British Blend" ? It may be a poor shadow of Tetley's ACTUAL British blend, I do not know, but Deb and I get it at Safeway and enjoy it.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

I'm a snob, Marty. If I did a blind taste-test I probably couldn't tell the difference (unless it was Liptons which pales significantly in comparison). But I've GOT TO HAVE my Tetley's from the UK!

regressivepresby said...

ok- I am all that you said in your post, BUT... it was Shane who put me on to the British Delights site.

just so ya know...

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Ahh, one of your most endearing traits is you compulsion to expose the truth.

Suzanne Moody said... was going to be a surprise but I have a couple of bags/sacks of Tetly to give to you. You can pick them up soon. Don't order just yet!!!!

Valerie said...

Naturalizer shoes
Henry's irish soda bread
Nioxin shampoo & conditioner
Kleenex tissues w/ lotion
Cetaphil cleanser
Orowheat wheatberry bread
Schwepp's sparkling water
Dreyer's ice creams
Ken's salad dressings

& guess who has a whole cannister of British Tetley's?

regressivepresby said...

kleenex w/lotion? ewww...

Juloyes said...

I'm convinced that Best Foods light mayonnaise is superior to generic.

Coffee is best from a local roaster (we splurge and get ours from Tomboy Coffee Roasters out of Telluride, CO by mail order every week-talk about snobby :) )

Hubby loves PG Tips tea which a friend back east mails us from the British section of her supermarket.

Real Hidden Valley Ranch dressing is lightyears ahead of generic.

Ummm...I could be really gross and mention certain feminine products that you must not buy generic, but I WON'T (OK. I guess I just did...sorry).