Monday, October 01, 2007

Appreciate Your Pastor

October has been designated as Pastor Appreciation Month. Now, I am not one to abide by these Hallmark-invented holidays, but as a pastor's wife I urge you (if you have one), appreciate your pastor this month. Send him/her a card. Pray for them daily. Maybe a gift of appreciation - gift certificate to restaurant, bookstore, coffee house?

I sure appreciate mine!

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Marcie said...

Well said! My husband and I are both ordained pastors - though my husband is the full time minister in the family while our children are young.

Being a pastor is a 24/7 kind of job. We never know when the phone will ring or something will happen that will change plans we have made. We are always honored to be a part of the lives of the congregation especially during life changing moments - there is no greater honor for a pastor.

The blessing comes full circle when members of the congregation recognize the work we do in thoughtful ways.

We recently had a church member offer to watch our children so that we could go on a date. I was touched by her willingness to give of her time and energy (my children require a lot of energy!) in a way that honored our relationship.

Thank you for your post.