Monday, October 15, 2007


It's politics time and we see candidate after candidate jumping on the bandwagon of religious left/right, wooing voters, persuading them that they are God's man/woman for the job. Obama's now famous sermon illustrates this perfectly. When in a room of ACLU lawyers, candidates will avow their stance of separation of church and state. When in the pulpit of so-and-so united church of downtown anywhere they will say they pray earnestly for wisdom from above to lead humbly and righteously. It's the nature of politics - tickle the ears.

I want a candidate who is the smartest person for the job. They understand history, the present times and have a clear direction and foresight for the future. They stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now, counter me if you disagree but I don't see Jesus giving a whit about the candidates. Advocating for a certain type of earthly government wasn't His concern. He didn't seem to mind the Roman empire and they were pretty wicked. He hasn't taken the communist regimes of Cuba and North Korea to task. He allows the church to flourish in China. Now I'm a true-blooded American and strongly believe that our form of government is the best for our society. I don't advocate socialism, fascism, communism. I believe a democratic government is the most in-tune with the gospel.

But I also strongly believe the gospel can and does work in other governments. It has, it is and it will continue to do so. Therefore the idea that God is for so-and-so candidate or, God is against such-and-such government is an odd argument to me. If we are followers of Jesus we should look to His Kingdom, which is radically different than any kingdom on earth. It can't be replicated by man. And it isn't fully for our time.

We live in a sin-filled world. What we put our efforts in will pass away, decay and rot, because of natural atrophy and natural sin. Governments will not solve this. It is our nature.

So, what's my point? That any candidate is going to be used by the Sovereign. Yes vote. Yes support those issue that are important to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. But I don't think we should/I can use religion, or faith in God as a reason or excuse in the elections and in politics.


suzanne said...

Well said...

Orrange said...

this is good. really good. thanks for making it so plain.

As we get older my husband and I find ourselves preferring different candidates. We generally agree on issues, but we tend to rank them differently in order of importance. And, at least in my mind, part of picking a candidate is choosing what you this is ultimately important and what you're willing to let go a little bit.

It's been an odd growth in our marriage, to see us coming to different conclusions on this, but I'm starting to enjoy it as well. The banter, the debate, the true american vs the wanabe... oops, i mean my view vs that of my lovely husband.