Wednesday, October 03, 2007

WFMW-Mops and Vacuums

This weeks WFMW is a little backwards. Instead of the blogger giving their tips, we are looking for tips.

So here's my question:
What's the best mop? I have gone through Swiffer, Clorox, some mop that starts with a V, and now I'm using the new Mr. Clean mop (has one of those Mr. Clean sponges which I love because they really do clean every stain!). And yet..I'm not satisfied. What is the best mopping system? Old-fashioned bucket and mop, which mop, which cleaner, etc.

I am also searching for the ideal vacuum, on a budget. Here's my list of past and present culprits: Kenmore, Electrolux, Dirt Devil and Oreck. The Kenmore lasted the longest (10 years). Now I would love a Dyson (I think) but I don't have a spare $500. I also need something for hardwood floors and can get under cabinets. Perhaps that's two vacuums (I've tried the Swivel Sweeper and loved it, but the motor died out in about 3 months).

So there you have it...what's the best mopping system and vacuum?


Jes said...

as far as vacuum's I'm in the same boat as you. I'd love a dyson or Orek but I don't have the money to fork out for a vacuum. I'm anxious to know what other's say.
With Moping I use the old hands and knees method. I've tried all those different types of mops and nothing seems to work as good as a rag and some elbow grease. For quick touch ups or in between my hands and knees scrubbing I use the clorox ready mop. With all old fashioned mops you have to make sure your water stays clean. Sometimes I mop with a sponge mop than go over it with the clorox mop to make sure all the germs are gone.
I am still a big fan of the hands and knees approach.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Thanks Jes, I usually get on my hands and knees once or twice a year, but I have a BIG kitchen so I'm not about to do that weekly. Bathrooms I do.
I bought an Oreck about 5 years ago and am not impressed. The cord where it attaches to the vacuum is fraying and the suction isn't the best, better than the dirt devil but not as advertised.

carrie said...

I also asked for mop suggestions, and did so about a month ago, so you can check out the comments I've received as well.

We have a Dyson and love it! My sister was able to purchase a floor model at a major discount, so you might look into that.

Ami said...

My vacuum is Bissell lift n go, bagless. It is awesome! I have a friend that owns a Dyson but swears that mine is just as good, and much cheaper! I mop with Eureka's steam cleaner, and I will never, ever buy another mop again! Steamers for mopping are buckets, no chemicals, much less drying time, etc.

Jeni Allen said...

I recently bought a new vacuum, and I love it. What I really wanted was a Dyson, but, like you, couldn't find the spare $500. I ended up getting a Bissel Healthy Home. I think it's fantastic. It was $250 at Lowe's, and I've seen them at Target for the same price. My favorite feature is the handheld power brush thingie. I've got 5 cats, a dog, and a toddler, so vacuuming the furniture is a twice-weekly chore.

The only downside to this vacuum is that it's on the heavy side. Not bad for the main floor - we all could use a workout anyway - but I wouldn't want to lug it up and down stairs.

Paul Merrill said...

We got a Panasonic about 9 years ago. I replaced the cord a few weeks ago (not hard) - but otherwise it's working fine. I bought it because it was quieter than Eurekas, etc. And I had used one at a restaurant years earlier and was impressed.

bennettaj said...

If you can at all save up money for Dyson, do it. My mom has one as well and we both LOVE it.

As for a mop, I gave up on those a long time ago and started filling up the sink with Pine Sol and using a large rag and srubbing on my hands and knees.

Ewokgirl said...

I am in love with my Sh-Mop. It's a Clean Team product (, and it's fabulous. It has a wide, flat head with a scrubber attached to it. You put terry cloth covers over it. You need very little water and cleaner, don't need to slop a bucket around with it (can use the sink), and you can use a fresh terry-cloth cover each time you use more cleaner. Just throw the covers in the wash when you're done with it. I've had mine at least 7 years, and I still haven't had to replace the terry-cloth covers.

I have a Hoover WindTunnel Bagless vacuum. Consumer Reports always rates it at the top every year. I've heard Dysons are wonderful, but CR is never impressed with them, and they're very expensive. My Hoover is wonderful! I have 2 cats, and the Hoover always pulls up tons of cat hair and whatever else gets into our carpet. It also comes with great, easy-to-use attachments.

Christina Dawn said...

We have had a Panasonic for five years and have been pleased with it's performance. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but it did come highly recommended by the sales associate at the vacuum store.
I use the old mop and bucket. I have a Quickie brand Twist mop. I like it because it has a scrubbing spot on the end and you can either throw the head of the mop in the washer or buy a new one. Pine-Sol is my standard cleaner. They used to have a formula that would hold the dirt at the bottom of the bucket, but I don't know if they make it any more.

kittyhox said...

I second the Sh-Mop recommendation. It has a very large surface, so makes mopping easy and fast. You can use any cleaning product with it and when you're finished you just pull off the terrycloth cover and wash it. (It comes with a few.) I love all the Clean Team products, especially their "red juice" multi-purpose cleaner, which I use in the kitchen. It's not super chemically and works on grease.

I have no recommendations regarding vacuums because I hate ours! I also bought a stick vacuum that doesn't work at all. I wish our home had central vac!!

Adrienne said...

I grew up using an Electrolux that my parents purchased from a traveling salesman over 20 years ago. Would you believe that that thing still works amazingly? They've replaced the hose a couple of times and the roller brush attachment, but it still gets just as much suction as a new vac.

SO, I learned from my parents and bought a heavy duty vacuum that will last me through the decades. A Kirby. Unlike the Electrolux my parents have, my Kirby is an upright. It is so good that my parents even borrow it! It was expensive, but I was able to purchase it by loan that had no interest for a year and paid it off in that time. I use it everywhere too... hardwoods, tile, carpet (of course) and even my mattress!

As for mopping, I'm with "bennettaj" - using my own elbow grease works so much better than any mop.

Nap Warden said...

I am looking for a new vacume myself. Everyone swears by Dyson, but those things are expensive. I use Swiffer Wet Jet, I like it.

Valerie said...

Remember Mom had that yellow-gold Panasonic vacuum for years and years? The only reason she doesn't have it anymore because I think it was stolen from her car.

I just bought that chargeable Electrolux sweeper w/ the built in hand vac for my wood floors and the kitchen, and so far, so good. You just need to have a place for the charging station.

Don't forget about the Linens & Things 20% off coupon when thinking about your purchase. They also take competitor's coupons (like from Bed, Bath & Beyond) for purchases.

dani3boyz said...

Right now Kenmore (made by Panasonic) has the #1 rated upright AND the #2 rated canister... both are models with bags. I think bagless is just an extra job that we don't need. You clean the house, then you have to clean the vacuum, too? No thank you. I'd rather just replace a bag every 4-6 weeks. :)

Canister vs. upright is a personal choice depending on what type of vacuuming you're doing. If you don't have stairs and have mostly carpeted floors, an upright is a good choice (but a canister will be better in tight places). If you have stairs to be vacuumed, another level to lug the machine to, like to vacuum your bare floors, and are a big attachment user, a canister is the most reasonable option. Consumer magazines will tell you that they are a better investment because they last 2-3 times longer, too.

I have 3 boys, a sloppy husband and a dog that sheds 365 days a year. I am a combination of bare floors, area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting on two levels. I spent $350 on my Kenmore canister 4 years ago. I would recommend it to even my pickiest friends.


Juloyes said...

I am the kiss of death for vacuums. I also have long hair and a long haired dog and a very messy family. Anyway, my folks got me as a surprise an Oreck two years ago and it SUCKS, in a bad way. It's been serviced twice (even though it has a 21 year warranty, I still had to pay to have it shipped [$60+), fixed [$40+]). I have to routinely take it all apart and use a broken plastic hanger to poke the dirt and dog hair through and use a pocket knife to cut the hair off the roller. I HATE my Oreck. I really would like my money back, but I don't live where we bought it so I don't know how I'd convince them. I have heard wonderful things about Rainbows from many people. Maybe someday...

As for mops-I love mopping with bleach water (stinky, but sanitary!) and I've been using that Libman mop that has a removeable head you can wash after each use. It's OK so far. I haven't liked the swiffer wet jet because my family is too dirty. If I didn't have small kids and a dog, it might do the job...