Friday, November 16, 2007

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

Liam and I are going out to California to help Musdie (those in the know know that's my mom!) settle back into her home. You see she had a stroke! About three weeks ago my sister gave our mom a call to check up on her. She been diagnosed with vertigo and on new medication. Val noticed mom's speech was slurry and she wasn't recovering as expected, so she took mom to the ER that night and the doc reported she had a stroke. Fortunately, blessedly, it was in her brain stem, which apparently is a mild stroke. She's been in rehab for two weeks and will be released on Saturday. Liam and I are flying on Friday to help her get back into her home, permanent routine.

Please pray for mom to continue with her recovery. She's doing remarkably well. Her speech is back to normal, along with her Irish brogue. She's still a bit weak and balance is still an issue.

Although it's always a joy to return to the old country, it would be better under different circumstances. Dave, Ian, Emma and Aidan will be home (wah!) alone but will be traveling to Wichita for Thanksgiving.

Needless to say I have no idea when I'll have an internet connection, so blogging will be sporadic, if any. I may put off my book blog (Infidel) until I return (11/28). So, even though I am gone and nothing new will be posted, come back in a couple weeks and I'm sure there will be more insightful, profound, and witty entries to astound and knock your socks off!


Marcie said...

Peace be with you!

Julie said...

Barb, sorry to hear about your mom! Give her our love. . .& tell her I could use a good dose of her Irish brogue about now! So the family is going to be in separate places for Thanksgiving?? I almost can't stand it. But I'm so glad you & Liam are able to be out there, helping out your mum, seeing other family (I trust) and hanging out. Hugs to the CA gang & you too.

Grace to you my friend, and know that we always miss you guys, especially during the holidays!

Oma said...

Did Dave get his canned cranberry sauce? Thinking back...1999...what a fun holiday we had. Blessing to you all Julie

Julie said...

Thanks, Suzanne (hope it's ok we're chatting here on Barb's blog). . . you're funny to ask about cranberry sauce! Dave does leave an impression for the simple sometimes. And yup, he got his cranberry! We almost didn't have turkey, but friends found one at last minute. If cranberries were a lot cheaper here, I'd make my own sauce, but we'd still have to buy Dave his canned with the 'ridges' on the gel. Yessiree!

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving with family (& friends?) around. Love to you & John too!