Friday, November 02, 2007

Tagged by Paul

Paul has tagged me for this meme regarding where I was 10, 20, and 30 years ago. So here we go:
October 1997 - enjoying a fabulously gorgeous Fall in Vancouver, B.C. Dave is in his second year at Regent College and we are LOVING the northwest. Ian is in 1st grade, Emma is 3 and Aidan is 1. I'm homeschooling but we take ALOT of field trips to enjoy the beauty of North Van, Stanley Park, White Pine Beach, etc. I often say, those were the best days!

October 1987 - I could say this was the best decade for it's when I met Dave! I'm on a Caleb Project traveling team cruising the northwest, talking to students (InterVarsty, Campus Crusade, etc.) about missions. Dave joined our team while we were starting our journey in Wichita. He's joining Caleb Project staff and they (headquarters) want his first assignment to be our traveling team which is shy one member. Yes, our romance blossomed during these three months.

October 1977 - I'm in my senior year at South Pasadena High School. It's hard to believe 30 years have passed by and my big reunion is next year. I'm anxious to visit with old friends, Tricia, Katie, Margaret, Sung-hae. My high school years weren't my best. I had no idea what my future held and little imagination or inspiration to look forward. Times have changed.

Now I get to tag 3 others: Toby (Honestly you are my 2nd because Dave is refusing to participate!), Marti and Courtney. Have fun!


Marti Smith said...

Ah Dave, where's your blogger spirit? I'll do it through. Warning, my entry may remind you of the usually forgotten fact that I'm some years younger than y'all ; - )

Marti Smith said...

Golly, Barb, Vancouver was a decade ago? Every year I think about going back for another summer class and if there's no international travel this summer maybe I'll do it this year!

I remember being at your house there when Aiden was just a cute lump, too young to know I was a stranger.

Anonymous said...

I'll bite! I was looking for what to blog today anyway! ;)

Orrange said...

got it done!

Suzanne said...

guess I'll have to get a blog!!!