Saturday, December 08, 2007

Odds and Ends

For the odd part of this post, today's my nieces birthday - Hayley is 17!!! Hayley has made the occasional comment on my blog with dry wit and smart-aleckness. I can hardly believe she is 17 today. How can I describe her? Clever, creative, honest, fun, witty, deep, sincere, and true. Happy Birthday Hayley Belle!

To be honest about my last post (St. Nicholas day), we didn't watch Amazing Grace. Dave said I had to be honest and confess we watched the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Actually the kids watched it. I couldn't stand it so I played websudoko instead. Dave said I had to fess up because it sounded way to spiritual to say we celebrated St. Nicholas day then watched such a spiritual movie as Amazing Grace. Nothing but honesty here!

I've tacked on another Advent tradition to the family roster. During homeschooling we're reading through this. Each day another country's Christmas traditions are highlighted. I've decided to add those traditions (our own country's of ancestor-origin and others) to the Sundays during Advent. Tomorrow we'll be celebrating Poland with hearty Bigos (or Hunter's) Stew.

Last night our church hosted the Sparta Community Chorus Christmas Concert. It was delightful and brought back memories of attending the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Christmas eve, watching the Nutcracker Ballet at the Pasadena Civic Center, and listening to Messiah at various churches.

Christmas music is so powerful and memorable. My favorite Christmas cds are Messiah: A Soulful Celebration and Trinity College Carols. (listening to that one right now). I'll be spending the day listening to this music (along with Celtic Harp Christmas and Frank Sinatra) while writing Christmas cards.

I did accomplish a feat this week. About three years ago I started making Liam's Christmas stocking. Each of us has a unique stocking.
I needlepointed our names with decorations then sewed them into a plaid-patchwork stocking. I began sewing Liam's in November of 2004. The next two Christmases (2005, 2006) I felt so guilty that there was no stocking to be hung for him. This week I sat down and willed myself to get it done and three hours late, voila! Now he is officially part of the family!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hayley....I remember being in California when you were born. A great day!! Today is my neice's(David's cousin) b/d too. She is 19 and enjoying her freshman year at Kansas State University. Thanks for being part of a great family!! oma

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Hayley!
One of the happiest memories I have of Hayley's birth 17 years ago is almost my entire family in the delivery room just minutes after her birth. I think Pauline was in seconds later, and she was the last one to show up at the hospital!
Dave and you, Barbie, were there to welcome Hayley Belle into the world, and to this day, she is still surrounded by such a warm and loving, and yes, a little kooky family. Thanks for the lovin'

Anonymous said...

Barb, i got you beat, I think. i started a cross-stitch stocking for Andrew before he was 4. last Christmas at 8 was his first year to have a stocking that was 'his' as well! Way to go, getting Liam's stocking done! Miss you guys! -julie

klasieprof said...

Which one in the picture is the 17 year old???
hee hee.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Thank you klasieprof. I will take that compliment and run with it for a few days, if you don't mind!