Friday, December 14, 2007

Taking Action

Courtney over at the Orranges has posted a new site for fighting s@x trafficking. Every year 1.2 million children are estimated to be trafficked. An estimated 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked annually in the United States. Children as young as five years old are forced to have s@x daily, often with 10-12 partners with no protection. They are threatened with physical abuse to themselves or family members if escape is attempted. These numbers are growing.

Courtney and her husband Brett are doing something about this. Craiglist is a site which is contributing to on-going abuse through their "Exotic Services" site. This is where you can come in!

Go here to sign a petition (Download and mail) against Craiglist's site. It's a small step but it's something you can do today without stepping out your door (unless you need to buy a stamp).

Most of us, this includes me, have absolutely no contact with this world of s@x trafficking, but through the work of the Orranges and others we can do these little things to bring the world's attention to this heinous practice. So, sign on and pray:
- daily for the saints who are working against the traffickers
- for the victims and
- for the traffickers themselves that like John Newton they would be converted from exploiting to protecting

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klasieprof said...

Today I was subbing at a Alternative High School.
For about an hour, I was perusing the Sex Offender sites.
As former Parole Agent..I was made aware of HOW MANY freaks there are in our own neighborhoods!
Please check out your State Sex Offender List. !!! At least then you will KNOW. Sex offenders don't LOOK like they are.
My most freaky sex offender was deacon at a baptist church who said upon first meeting me, "are you a Christian? Because My wife and I have been praying for a Christian Probation Agent"....AWWCKKK Don't get me started, and DO NOT let your kids go the mall alone--
The Local Big city Newspaper didn't report NEARLY the amount of assaults and events that occurred....WHY? Because they Were MAJOR ADVERTISERS in the paper!!!