Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Love/Hate Relationship

Miz Booshay at Quiet Life did a fun meme that I thought I'd participate in and because I am at a loss as to what to write about, it's a good excuse to borrow someone else's idea:

I Love watching my kids sleep
I Hate watching parent's yell at their kids in public places

I love going to Trader Joes
I hate going to Walmart

I love seeing my kids play well together on the Wii
I hate hearing whiney voices shout back at the Wii

I love Liam run out to the kitchen in the morning waiting for his first hug and giving me my first hug of the day
I hate bumping into something, that something falling, that something knocking something else over and an avalanche of destruction occurs from my initial bump

I love Sonic commercials
I hate Visa debit card commercials

I love pressing on, hoping against hope
I hate giving up

I love a just vacuumed floor and a just mopped kitchen
I hate rainy days when the dogs come in with muddy paws

I love watching the last episode of Amazing Race
I hate that I always cry and get caught and made fun of by my kids.

I love the crackle and smell of a fire
I hate the smell of burnt sugar in the oven

I love routine and I love spontaneity
I hate stereotyping

I love joking with Dave
I hate holding grudges, but I do anyway

I love a full house, filled with laughter and conversation
I hate backs turned away in anger


Donna Boucher said...

Hey Barb,
You did an expanded version!

I loved it!

We do not have a Sonic here in Wis.
perhaps that is a good thing. :o)

Suzanne said...

Hey Barbie....

I love you....hate that we do not live closer!!

Julie in SEA said...

Ditto to Suzanne's comment! love you, Barb & still waiting for your call on NY! ;)

MamaTina said...

I did the shortened version :)

I hate the whole bumping thing too, I can't remember how many piles I've knocked down, maybe I should just get rid of the piles...