Sunday, February 17, 2008

No Computer...And It's A Good Thing, A God Thing!

Well, I think my computer kicked the bucket...for good. A few months ago I experienced some problems but was able to fix it. Now the machine won't start up and all the little tricks I've learned on they aren't working, so I'm writing this on Dave's mac and needless to say, it's Dave's right arm so I won't have 24/7 access to it.

Well why is this a good thing...a God thing. Prior to Ash Wednesday I was considering giving up the computer for Lent. It had sincerely become a distraction in my life. It was always on, it was my food, it was where I turned to for entertainment. And it was becoming an idol...feeling down - read blogs and other people's issues. Feeling happy - write about it and look for affirmation from people's comments. I knew, I knew, I knew I was placing to much of myself in the internet, in blogs, my blog. I also knew it was what I needed to get rid of during Lent but I thought, "Maybe I could just lessen my use, you know, just the weekends." I was in denial and knew what God wanted me to do - Let It Go!

So in His grace and mercy, in spite of my stubbornness, He took it away. The first day with no internet was...hard. But the second day I went to the library, picked up two books, started reading again (reading blogs takes away any interest in reading books, for me - one reason I haven't posted on my book-blogging!). I'm also back in scripture - reading through John. Meaty stuff. Hard stuff. I have one blog coming up about some stuff out of John. Other than that I think my blogging will be taking a long break. It's a good thing, a God thing.


Marti said...

I hear you, Barb. Do the right thing! And when blogging =is= the right thing, perhaps we'll hear from you more again.

Hannah said...

Well, we'll miss your thoughts but good for you! I don't think I have enough courage to take away I use the excuse that I need it for homework. I use google...A LOT! Sometimes I don't know what to do...I'll go on the computer. But I was just on, and there's nothing more to do on it. When we're away and can't use internet, I'm obsessed and there's definately something missing in my life. And I don't even get THAT many emails. As I write it all down it seems so shallow...maybe I will take some time off. Besides, you won't blog, so that's not an option anymore.

Viola said...

I was just thinking,
I understand and God bless you in your decision. But, I for one will miss your words and your wisdom. I look forward to your return.