Wednesday, March 26, 2008


17 years ago the celebration of Dave's birthday's radically changed. His first son was born the day before his birthday and hence forth his birthday has always been overshadowed by Ian's.

Her are pictures from our special dinner for Ian:Baby Back Ribs (his request), corn-on-the-cob, baked potatoes, salad

coconut cream pie!

We opened presents and joked about Ian's 17 years and how quickly the next year will pass and then he's out of the house!
InterMilan soccer jersey

This is the table set for Dave's birthday:

Dave a meeting. He won't be back until 8:00 so the kids are eating first.

Oh, and this is his birthday cake - leftovers from two nights prior. We had so many desserts in the house we asked if Dave's special cherry pie could wait until the weekend. He complied. It seems he's been complying for the last 17 years worth of birthdays.


Suzanne said...

thanks for the pics!! Ian's birthday is the same as his great grandfather's also. Bapa would have been 91 on the the 25th. David and Bapa had to share their days for most of David's growing up years too. Happy Birthday to you both.
I still liked your tributes of last year Barbie.

Marti said...

Happy birthday, Dave!