Friday, March 07, 2008

My Favorite Things, Part 4

We're in the living room now. And as the name says, we do most of our living in this room. I love to mix it up every few months. Furniture moved, decor changed, so this is the present manifestation.

This chair (note the toile - love it) was a garage-sale find. Actually my mother-in-law purchased it for me because I didn't have the $3. I loved the wood and said, "I have to have this!" It was originally covered in olive green velvet. Unfortunately it's not the most comfortable chair but I love the combination of toile (feminine, soft) with the black pleather (masculine, minimal). Note the toile black pillow in the basket to the side!

Above the chair is this metal laser-cut cross made by Shane. It's gorgeous. It's Celtic. It's handmade and we love it.

Next is this shelf Ian made in Wood Shop. Yes, I'm a proud mama!

Dave and I honeymooned in Mammoth and then drove across California to meet his parents in San Francisco. We purchased this Gaelic saying while there. It means "A Thousand Welcomes" and that's what we hoped (those 19 years ago) our home would be like - a place of welcome to all who enter.

The lamp shade was a piece I created during my crazy crafty-decorating phase in the Summer of '02. First I tea-stained the white shade. I then drew a map of the world in gold felt ink, most definitely not to scale (and please don't remind me that I mixed up Iceland and Greenland) then hot-glued coins from around the world on the top and bottom.

Last installment will end in the dining room!


Paul Merrill said...

We have felt that welcome in your home before. I only wish our homes weren't so many miles apart - then we could both welcome each others' families more.


Viola said...

I am so enjoying seeing all of your wonderful things. Thank you for sharing; its like being invited over.

Podcastin Cyndi said...

Barb, what an inviting place, and I love the idea of "my favorite things." Sounds like the summer of 2002 was very productive - were you pregnant, by chance?

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

No, not pregnant cyndi - that happened two summers later. It was our first summer in southern IL, first summer in a pastorate, first summer away from friends. I had a lot of energy and imagination.