Saturday, March 01, 2008

Six Things

So I've been tagged - to write about six unimportant or quirky things about myself which I find confusing because I tend to view quirky traits as interesting. And I find that most of my traits are uninteresting and difficult to find any quirks - but ask my husband and kids and you'll definitely get a different answer!

Now I can easily find six uninteresting things about myself:
1) I'm the second child of four;
2) I graduated high school in 1978 and college in 1990 (you do the math!);
3) In my academic life I studied four foreign languages and speak non of them (German, French, Russian and Uzbek);
4) I went to the same high school as William Holden, Bronson Pinchot and Hillary Swank;
5) I contracted chicken pox when I was almost one year old while we were visiting my mother's family in England. We had to extend our stay.
6) I tend to think that what I know everybody else knows, what I can do so can everyone else. I'm not sure if this is unique (there, I prove myself!)

Now for quirky things, which is far more interesting, I asked the family and almost unanimously the first quirk they could site was my obsessive/compulsive tendencies. So...
1) I tend to obsess over something and carry it with me for days/weeks on end, driving crazy all those around. (examples LOST, exercising, blogging, changes in dietary habits, decoupaging, just to name a few.
2) I LOVE to re-arrange furniture. In fact, I just did so this morning and the last time I re-arranged the living room was about 6 weeks ago. I get antsy and restless and there goes the furniture. I also painted the front door!
3) I am the first generation American on either side of my parent's lineage. My older sister was born in England and my parent's emigrated in 1958 with my mother's siblings to follow in the 60s.
4) I worry and let my imagine carry me away when Dave or the kids are late returning home. In graphic detail I see car wrecks, muggings, kidnappings, etc.
5) When I'm reading a book I tend to get lost in the story. My day dreams center around the narrative. I find my thoughts matching the main characters voice. This probably coincides with my #1 quirk. It also discourages from reading too much fiction.
6) I am content with ambiguity. I can start projects, begin books, enroll in classes or programs and not see them to completion. And I am fine with that. I think in the Myers-Briggs world that's called being a P (Perceiving).

Now I'm supposed to tag others to join in this game, but sorry Viola, instead I'm opening it to any blogger who read this blog for them to write their own quirky/uninteresting traits. If you're running dry of ideas this is a good place to jump-start your writing.


Viola said...
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Viola said...

I was thinking that both you and Debbie Berkley equated unimportant with uninteresting but, sorry, its only you. I think your lists were very interesting. I have taken several languages and forgotten them all too including Greek just a few years ago. And I'm glad somebody besides me doesn't care if they finish things or not. There is just so much to do that who has time to finish.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Hmm. so what does that reveal about me that I would read uninteresting for unimportant and connect it somehow to quirky???

Viola said...

Maybe the idea of writing six unimportant things was unininteresting? : )

Heidi said...

Your quirks... #1 and #4 I can relate to, particularly #4. It drives me crazy, but I can't control it!

#6 Is definitely *not* me. I'm a 'J' for sure, LOL. ISFJ to be exact.

I also thought your list was interesting!

Allie said...

I find myself much less interesting now :(. I would list all of your quirks as my quirks. Yick, I guess I'm not as unique as I would have hoped. Some others would say about me, some I would say about myself. I'm not sure that I'm a P but I often lose interset in courses and projects. Shucks.