Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Blogroll

How many blogs do you read everyday? I tap out at about 40. Blogrolls are fun to peruse through and even though I've included my favorite blogs in my sidebar that doesn't make up the complete list. Here are some of those 40 (I will eventually blog about all 40):
This is a pastor friend of Dave's in our same denomination. He writes about denominational stuff which keeps me informed. He's smart and a good writer.
Heidi is wise. Boy is she wise. She home-schools. Has eight kids! Yeah, that's enough to stop right there. But like I said, she's wise.
Barbara is a professional writer. She is a mom to 12 kids! Yowza! She has an interesting, colored and checkered past and keeps me current on issues involving homeschooling, faith and politics.
Yep, THE Susan Wise Bauer who wrote The Story of the World, The Well-Trained Mind, among others. Her Well-Trained Mind book inspired me to alter our home-schooling curriculum. She just received her doctorate, home-schools, teaches at William and Mary and continues to write. Amazing.
I hooked up to Shannon's blog because she had so many give-aways. She hosts Works For Me Wednesday, when hundreds of other bloggers link their blogs to her's with hints and helps. She recently returned from a trip to Africa with Compassion International. She's a witty writer.
Heidi's blog is inspiring. She lives in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and chronicles her life in this paradise with her three boys and husband. She home-schools, she reads, she cooks, she decorates, she has fun parties, she does fun stuff with her boys (who are as cute as I'll get out). Her blog is a place of rest.
If you haven't heard of Ree and her tales you must be new to the blogging world. She just opened a new blogsite which elaborated on her cooking blog, added a photography site and is now recording the redo of their guest house. She grew up in the city, married a rancher, has four kidlings and home-schools. She's a hilarious writer, great cook, great photographer, honest, and beautiful.
This isn't so much a blog as a podcast. Deacon Tim and Cyndi talk weekly about various topics on faith. The wisdom and insight and honesty and challenges they propose every week overwhelm and yet encourage me. Dave and I were blessed to dine with Tim and his wife, Connie, last year. It was a delight. I told Dave I would love to live by these two just to be closer to glean their warmth and delight in the Lord on a regular basis. But Tim and Connie moved from Oklahoma to New York recently so that isn't possible. I highly encourage you to go weekly (every Monday) to have a listen.
Heidi is an American living in Holland with her Dutch husband. She quilts (which I don't), crossstitches (which I used to) and does an amazing job decorating her house for each season. She's of an era gone by and it delights me to see a touch of Europe through her eyes.
Juloyes comments on my blog every now and then - and that's how I linked to hers. She's a pastor's wife too. She's honest and writes to the point.

So there's my first ten. My OCD demands that I view my blogs in order and these are the first ten. I'll share the next group in a bit. So I hope you enjoy meeting some new bloggers, if you haven't met them already.

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