Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Truth Be Told

Just like Michael Jackson sang in 1987, I'm Bad!

No, I'm not pregnant.

But the reaction I was hoping for I received not 10 minutes after posting yesterday's entry.

My mother-in-law called and incredulously asked, "Did you read your blog....what's, what's do you have someth...hey, what, oh, oh, you are so bad!"

Yes. I'm bad!


Orrange said...

or EVIL! i totally didn't get that it was a joke... even after reading today's post... you had me going back and forth reading them both , trying to figure some sense.... april 1st huh? GRRRRRR.

Beth said...

Oh wow! You totally got me! Not only did I tell David (my husband) all about it, considered trying for #5 myself all day, etc. . . . it just so happened I sent an email to David (Wong) yesterday and intended to tell him as well, but forgot. : ) So glad I don't have to go back and undo that one.

How is it even my kids can fool me into believing so and so broke their arm at school, pieces of the roof are falling off, and there is a hole in my pants?! Someone did tell me once that gullible was surely my middle name.

Anonymous said...



Suzanne said...

Barb....I did say I was already getting ready to come out and help. Planning for that 5th grandchild. -) But you talk about a sandwich generation!!!!You might ask? us to come help.

hannah said...

boy am i glad we were on vacation when you posted the first one so that i could see all the comments and explanatory post later!!!...or i would've frieked out! That is just NOT funny auntie barb, it's very strange...i agree with emma, NO JOKING LIKE THAT!!!!