Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Reviews: Alex Striker, the Stormbreaker

I reviewed a television series broadcast on the BBC that our family enjoyed through Netflix - Foyle's War. I so enjoyed the series I did a little investigating into the creator of the series.

Anthony Horowitz has also written some children's novels. One novel series centers around Alex Striker. He's recruited for MI6 after his uncle was killed by an evil genius. Alex is about 16, doing ok in school, a wiz with languages and martial arts. 

A movie has been made from the books. We watched it on Saturday and while I can't recommend the same for you  (unless you have a 10 year old boy who loves action/adventure/spy movies) there was something intriguing I noticed in the movie. No swearing. Not a lick. Not a d--n, no h--l, nothing. In fact, when a character was dismayed or caught off guard they said, "What the heck!" And when OMG was blurted it was Oh My Gosh. Yep, that's right - goSH. It blew me away. I was impressed.  

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