Tuesday, September 16, 2008


There are a lot of news sites I read daily to find out what's happening, what's the spin, and what's the truth. One surprising blog I read for all of these is mommylife.net. Barbara Curtis is a freelance writer with a fascinating history. I am passing her blog on to you to you, to read her story and to share the news and truth she finds and faithfully spreads on her blog. 

Today's entry is about being unapologetically a single-issue voter. I have to agree with Barbara. Economics, Education, the War...these are the second issues. What overshadows, or better yet, sets a foundation is the issue of life. Barack Obama has sadly and vehemently expressed his undying support for abortion. In coming blogs I will share why I am anti-abortion and why it isn't a  matter of choice. But until then here's a gripping video:


Milehimama said...

Thanks for posting my poster. If you need help adding a link, let me know! Thanks again for passing along the word and helping the babies!

Holly said...

Barb, you know that I love Barbara too. She's one of my favorites!

Would you mind sharing with me what other sites you read for news? I'd like some recommendations.

Oh, and..p.s. looking forward to your posts. I'm a one issue voter right now too. I was trying to explain this on my blog today - I feel that if we don't get the foundation right, the rest isn't going to work either. If we can't protect our weakest and most vulnerable, well, then...why bother with the rest?

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Thanks Holly, I hope to keep blogging about this stuff but I'm a bit burned out with all the news and frankly crap that's out there. And it's maddening when lies are retracted you have to search for the truth on backpages, days or weeks later.
I have some information about the abortion industry and fallacies the pro-choice movement reports. Hope to get that out this weekend.