Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Why I Think Obama Will Win and Why This Will Be My Last Political Blog Entry

I predict Barack Obama will win this election and I say that with much foreboding. I say this because Sen. Obama tells the American people what they want to hear,  promising a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Sen. Obama's worldview is one of entitlements and rights. He believes those who make the most should pay for these rights through their taxes. He preaches that there is such a thing as a free lunch because the greedy business owners should (it's patriotic after all) pick up the tab. I believe he's selling the American people a bill of goods we can't afford. But he's tickling our ears, dangling the sweets, and encouraging "class" envy. It's attractive. It looks good on the surface but can only lead to greater dependency of big ole government (which takes more and more taxes) and it's a far cry from what our founding fathers envisioned. I don't respect Obama's disrespect for life in the womb and I truly believe his belief in economic justice through redistribution of wealth (setting up for the disadvantaged and those who lean toward receiving and not giving to only receive thus not encouraging their vital role in contributing to our society). All income classes deserve better than this. This economic plan stifle our entrepreneurial spirit - something for which the U.S. is known.

Now, why is this the last political blog entry? Well, I went to the doctor today, after having blood tests done yesterday. My LDL levels are high. Everything else is fine. My physician assistant isn't too concerned because I have no other indicators for concern. However I need to work on lowering my LDL and raising that good HDL. There are three ways to accomplish this:
1) exercise
2) low cholesterol diet
3) lower stress.
I do #1, can work on #2 and after tonight's debate performance of Sen. McCain have decided I must remove myself from the political theater. 


Laura in IA said...

We need government to protect from the greed of all the mortgage lenders. If the Republicans who believe we do not need government to protect us would behave in a Christian manner, Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, then we would not need government to pass laws to protect those who cannot protect themselves from these predators.

I was having a discussion about unions with a friend (actually the wife of my husband's friend) and she told me she didn't believe in them and of course, she benefitted from union negotiations in her school district without paying dues herself. Being raised in a union family I knew there were many things an individual could not receive on the job - decent wage, benefits, etc that management always gives themselves, without a collective body to fight for these. I pointed out to her that many in the service industry do not earn a living wage and she said "Well, that was up to the owner." Yes, and how are the owners treating them? You can apply this in many industries.

Oh, this comment was inspired by a comment you left on Bossy's blog.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Laura - thanks for visiting.
I agree that government is there to serve and protect the citizens. Mortgage lenders were not just the bad guys in this mess. Have you seen the numerous videos out there, articles written citing the Democratic Congress poo-poohing the warnings from various Republicans about Fannie and Freddie and crying out for more regulations over these two entities? There are lots of lies out there, on both sides.
If only - for living by the golden rule! But power corrupts - even those who WANT to live by that rule.
I think unions started out with a worthy mission but after receiving power they too became corrupt. In our town the unions ran the coal mine companies out because of their high and often ridiculous demands. So the companies packed up and left leaving thousands jobless. That was the union's doing.
My sister is in the teacher's union and while she appreciates some things they fight for her in other ways she says they are an albatross around education's neck.
The rule of economics is if a business is out to serve itself and not it's customers will soon go under.

Rev Kim said...

I'm sorry to read about your LDL, and that this is your last political blog entry. I've enjoyed your posts, even if I haven't always commented. But I understand, and I agree (and I will continue to read!). I also think Obama will win, for many of the reasons you've mentioned. Ah, well. People like change, and it seems these years that eight years of one political party is enough for most.

Romans 8:38 is one of my favorite "go-to" verses in times such as these.

Take good care of yourself!

Rev Kim said...

Oops, sorry, that was Romans 8:28 that you cited in the above post. Well, that's one of my favorites too!