Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sour Grapes or Where's NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN???

I hope this is not a case of sour grapes before your chickens are hatched but this definitely puts a damper on our election process. It's embarrassing and disgraceful to taint the votes to one's side. I don't know if there are any Republicans playing this game and if these volunteers are more numerous that is reported, or even if a few votes makes any difference - it is still shameful. What is almost as shameful is that these reports are not coming from the main stream media.

Obama campaign staffers are voting in swing states across the county – and it appears they are bypassing state residency requirements.
Palestra.net’s voter fraud investigation started in Ohio where the law entitles only permanent residents, who intend to remain in the state, the right to vote in Ohio. In the past two weeks, 14 temporary Obama staffers who registered to vote have withdrawn their ballots. The individuals did not meet the legal requirements to cast a ballot in Ohio. When this was brought to their attention, they pulled their ballots. The Prosecuting attorney believes this was a misunderstanding by some “very excited and loyal volunteers.”Read More Here

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