Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hiatus - Until Something Piques My Interest

I've been lacking in the area of blog fodder and motivation. Since I attended the Great Banquet two weeks ago and was without internet access I have lost a taste for the thing. Separation from a habit, good or bad, lends to evaluation. I've even lessened the number of blogs I read. I am contemplating closing down but believe something will come up which will deem conversation. Needless to say I am spent. Perhaps I overdid it during the election and am burned out. Who knows.

However...I have begun a new blog which focuses on exercise, diet and weight loss. I need the accountability - however impersonal it may be through a blog. I've entitled this new blog I'm Typical. Whenever there are testimonies to weight-loss there is an asterix with the notation *results not typical. Right. I'm typical, not atypical. My weight-loss journey most likely mirrors most other's and therefore (the same reason I began I Was Just Thinking) I hope to share my frustrations, highs, lows, successes, back-steps with others in the hope of encouraging others in this arduous journey.

Days are busy this week. Extremely. Our church is hosting a Christmas dinner for our community. As a result of the Great Banquet those of us who attended have a burning desire to serve and bless our neighbors. We are opening our doors this Friday with a banquet, a warm spot, to feed bellies and hopefully souls. I am co-leading this endeavor. We hope to make this an on-going event - monthly - either dinners, game nights, movie nights, etc. I am excited. It is good to bless others with the abundance with which we've been blessed. It's why we're blessed. So that's Friday. Sunday is our choir's cantata and our family hosts an open house for deacons/session/trustees/choir/staff. Christmas is next week. Whew! Yes, Busy!

I leave with you for your Christmas enjoyment the slideshow I put together last year. Merry Christmas. Remember the wonder and unbelievable grace we have because Emmanuel - God is with Us. God. Creator. Of. The. Universe. Came for you - to take on our flesh and bones. The wonder of it!


Viola Larson said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures and music Barb. I don't remember seeing them before. Get some rest-at least after Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I lost 13 lbs in only two weeks by obeying this one easy rule

I'm Typical said...

I don't know who you are, never seen you here before but I'm hesitant to believe. I lost 8 pounds in about 10 days with south beach but it didn't last. It's not a eating style I nor my family could live with.

I don't believe there is a magic pill, acai berry or whatever. I have tried, naively, hoodia and ephedrin type pills and nothing happened. They don't work - other than for the manufacturer who gained my bucks.