Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Movie Review

During the elections I heard (can't recall where or when but heard it several times) that socialism/communism was getting a second-look of legitimacy on college campuses. I shook my head in shock and amazement at historical ignorance. Perhaps because I had family living under communism that the whole idea of that political system having any merit sickens me.

From my netflix queue this past week I watched a German movie called The Secret Lives of Others. It follows an East German Stasis (secret police) agent as he follows, listens in, and becomes emotionally entangled with the life of a playwriter. Neighbors are coerced into becoming spies in fear of losing privileges, an actress must submit sexually to the Minister of Culture or face the consequences of no more acting roles.

I recommend this movie. It is rated R - for sexuality. But it is important the reality of communism.

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Viola Larson said...

I meant to see this film and didn't. Now I will. I did my Masters in the nineties and still remember that even after the fall of communism pro-left professors would talk in class as though that fall had nothing to do with communist ideology. It was all economics but even there it had noting to do with socialist economics. they were all walking around with their eyes closed.