Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best LOST Episode

I spend most of my time on the internet cruising news sites and blogs. I lean conservative so I read Michele Malkin, The anchoress, newsbusters and Mark Steyn. Lately I've felt ill after reading various entries. The future seems dismal and the present is unavoidable. It gives me a headache. So Wednesday nights have become a pleasant respite from the mayhem and macabre. LOST is on Wednesday nights and this past Wednesday was, in my humble opinion, the best episode thus far and this season is proving to be simply the best.

Last week Jack changed. He's a new man. I'm not annoyed by him anymore. Kudos to Matthew Fox for portraying Jack's alteration so delicately. When Ben explained to Jack what he must do (last week), Jack embraced it with fervor and hope and his countenance changed. He entered into peace. His purpose and mission became clear and he was glad. He had to get back to the Island. He knew it and was glad. His wandering mind, restless and despairing heart were no more. He knew. He rested.

The story line this past week intrigued me because of the spiritual undertones. The painting of Thomas, the episode title: 316 (does that reference John 3:16), Ms. Hawking's revelations in the church basement, Jack coming to faith....The episode was replete with hope and faith. I just don't know if the writers are (or will be) respecting faith or mocking it.

Other observations:
Kate has taken over the annoying role. She had to give up Aaron (probably to Claire's mother) and probably deserves a little sympathy and mercy but she was irksome toward Jack - very selfish, I thought (but then he didn't seem to mind!)

I am so glad Desmond did not return to the Island with the others. I hope what Ms. Hawking meant when she said the Island wasn't through with him was meant for he AND Penny. They need to be together - with Charlie.

Ms. Hawking - good or bad? For a split second there was an aire of evil about her - when explaining Jeremy Bentham/John Locke's outcome to Jack. Just a twinge but it gave me pause that maybe this woman is not to be trusted.

So glad to see Frank Lapidus. Great character. Hope he survives.

The joy on Jin's face was wonderful. Can't wait to see his and Sun's reunion (hopefully).

I enjoy this show so much because it is so well-written and there are so many hat tips to other stories/books/myths/histories. I'm not well-read but I know the LOST story line uses literary devices and I find these on Thursday's when I read the LOST blogs. I especially enjoy Doc Jenson on and Vozzek69 at

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