Friday, March 06, 2009

Spending Time Alone

My sister celebrated her 53rd birthday yesterday in a way which was shocking at first and then when I heard more, a little envy-inspiring. She went to Disneyland -- alone.

We grew up in Southern California and whenever extended family came for visits we naturally took them to the "happiest place on earth." So, needless to say, I have fond memories of Walt's amusement park.

Apparently Disneyland offers a free entrance on birthdays. Pauline took advantage of this but decided she was going to see a side of Disneyland most parents never enjoy - shops and music. Dixieland, barbershop quartets, glass-blowing demonstrations...what kid would journey forth to see these? Not...any!

I was impressed with Pauline, (after feeling pity) than jealous. She had the courage (Yes in my book it takes courage to go somewhere by yourself where famillies dominate) to walk down Main Street alone, sit in New Orleans Square and enjoy.

Pauline said those hours alone caused her to appreciate her family more. I only do Walmart alone. Maybe Target. Those excursions don't allow such a feeling. I truly believe there is a boldness in doing such activities on one's own. I'm not there yet. I think I would like to be yet I also think I would quickly wallow in loneliness and yearn for the sound of "Mom!"


Suzanne said...

Wow! How many years ago did we celebrate Pauline's birthday? Was it March of '88? Congratulations Pauline and many many more.

Thia said...

That's awsome! I'd love to do something like that.

Essay said...

I think I would like to be [at Disneyland alone] yet I also think I would quickly wallow in loneliness and yearn for the sound of "Mom!" That's basically my reaction as I read of Pauline's adventure. Maybe one day I'll want to go somewhere that's infused with memories of family times, and experience it in a different, solo fashion, but not quite yet.

Pauline said...

Thank-you for the sweet genuine compliment of my birthday adventure!! I have thought of that day from time to time and am so glad I spent the day alone and did all the things I yearned to do at Disneyland for years. Your big sis