Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going Off Line

My husband and his computer are leaving town. So Sad. I'll let you guess for which one.

But I wanted to say before I am isolated from the web world that the msm's reaction to the tea parties is flabbergasting. The Dept. of Homeland Security lays out a report warning of right-wing extremism two days prior to the planned protests. Is there a connection? I believe so. I believe the administration wants to discredit the protesters as illegitimate whack jobs so:
1) the protesters' opinions can more easily be rejected as unwarranted
2) the administration has a better line of reasoning for keeping tabs on organizers of these protest and those who attend
3) the administration can distance themselves from differing opinions (which hold that they are fiscally inept) conversely legitimatizing their policies

Yeah, I sounds so conspiratorial. But I've been to a tea party. I have a friend who's organized a protest. She isn't fronting some right wing web-sites or  being funded by a corporation, and doesn't work for FOX news. This administration and the main-stream media just don't get it. They are both inept - at their jobs and at understanding the people they work for. I'm having trouble uploading video right now but there is some outrageous reporting from ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. I hesitate to say reporting because these segments are more like opinion pieces. One reported from CNN claims the protest in Chicago was organized by FOX news and anti-CNN! Does she not get it or what!!! This is maddening what has happened to our fifth estate. 

So I need some peace in my life. Going off line is probably God's way of reminding me, "Hey, I'm in charge. Relax. Trust. Be at peace."

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