Thursday, May 07, 2009

I Don't Understand...

the appeal of Twitter. Call me a ludite. It seems it's a lot of work for little information. How do people twitter? Whenever I'm on a page I think, "do these people spend all there time twittering, wishing they could twitter more, or scheming of ways to get away and twitter?"

Seriously. All you do is post short, supposedly pithy messages. How can you get to your computer, ipod, handheld gadget, or whatever...and post so much. It seems consuming. I don't belong to anyones twitter page so I have no idea what happens when you do belong and that person twitters - do you receive an email: "so and so twittered, read here." That seems like it would be rather annoying, another email I have to deal with, read then trash!

Boy do I sound like a grumpy ludite. 

But I was just thinking about this as I linked to someone's twitter page (after they stopped blogging and now rely on twitter so relay the life commentary to the world).

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Paul Merrill said...

There's just one example of how it can be used for good - these ladies I met at a conference & I are holding each other accountable via Twitter.