Thursday, July 30, 2009


The family watched a dvd last night, Knowing with Nicolas Cage. We were warned by the kids sunday school teacher that this film was dark, even demonic. I was curious.

I did not find it demonic. Quite the opposite. Nicolas Cage's character is an astrophysicist whose father is a pastor. Cage has rejected (or seems to have) his father's faith. He teaches (at MIT) that the universe is random, no purpose and therefore no room for a creator. The story unfolds when his son's school unearths a time capsule which was buried 50 years earlier. The students from 1959 place in envelopes what they imagined the future would hold. One student's letter is nothing but numbers, which appear to be random, but later we, through Cage, discover they are not.

The movie runs a bit slow. Some of the acting is...bad. And the music surges rather over-dramatically. But what shocked me about this movie were the reviews I read at I was intrigued after watching the flick what reviewers thought, who the writers were, etc., so I did a bit of research. CT reviews movies and then folks can make comments. The comments ran the gammit. Most found the film to be anti-christian (like the kids SS teacher) and demonic. Others saw it as I did (and to not give away the ending I will not reveal my conclusion). The two reviews are so opposite in nature that it fascinated me that a group of people, (and I assume most were people of faith since this review was written and commented on in Christianity Today) could come to such opposing conclusions. Those who came to demonic review warned other christians not to see this movie. I thought this odd, rather judgmental (after all, they saw the movie!).

So, if you've seen this flick, what was your opinion?

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Viola Larson said...

Now I am very, very intrigued and will have to rent the movie. Besides, I like Nicolas Cage.