Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Pioneer Woman

My Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook came in the mail today. I was so excited to peel back the carton and scarfed down every page, picture and recipe. And honestly, I was heartbroken to see the book come to the end. I so wanted more! On November 17th Ree will be in St. Louis to sign her book. I will be there as will Dave (he loves her cinnamon rolls...: )>).


The Park Wife said...

The wait in line is so worth it. At least we had our at Walmart so hubby's could go tot he hunting and automotive sections. Take him some snacks and a book and hopefully your hubby will make it. She is incredible!
The Park Wife

Barb said...

Well, going to a bookstore is heaven for him so we'll be in a good place. Thanks park wife! It's me who hates crowds and waiting.