Sunday, November 22, 2009

They Are so Out-of-Touch and They are so Out-of-Here Next November

Is ticked off with my senators. Here's the latest love letter from Durbin:

Dear Barbara, Moments ago, the Senate voted to begin its full debate on historic health care reform legislation instead of obstructing it with a filibuster. Tonight's vote marks the biggest victory to date for our grassroots effort to pass health care reform with a public option. We cannot give enough thanks to the over 100,000 signers of our petition at for helping to fundamentally shift the momentum towards meaningful reform. Not long ago, a few loud opponents of reform armed and organized by the insurance industry dominated this debate. Now the American people, the majority of whom support a public option, have spoken out and gained the upper hand. Not long ago, the public option seemed like little more than a pipe dream. Now it's part of health care bills in both the Senate and the House. Not long ago, members of our own Democratic caucus weren't sure they could even support an up-or-down vote on health care reform legislation. Tonight they voted to end the Republican filibuster. But despite this good news, the fight for meaningful health care reform is not over. As we debate amendments to this legislation in the coming weeks, we will work with our colleagues to ensure it continues to address the "Three C's" of meaningful reform: competition, choice, and cost reduction. And we will firmly oppose any effort to eliminate the public option. Tonight we celebrate a milestone no one thought we could reach just months ago. Tomorrow the fight continues. We will not let up until the President signs a bill we can all be proud of. Thank you for your support.

I sent him a piece of my mind. He had a poll up last week, asking people to chime in about the healthcare reform bill. I voted 6 times! How accurate a picture is that? 106,000 sign a petition for the health care and he pays attention. Hundreds of thousands have been protesting for months and tiddly-squat - they (we) are stooges for the health insurance industry. TIME TO KICK THE BUMS OUT AND DEMAND TERM LIMITS ON CONGRESS!!!