Saturday, February 20, 2010


So I said I wasn't doing sugar, coffee and internet during Lent. Let me clarify because my kids are giving me a hard time. I am off MOST of the blogs I read during Lent (I am also off the coffee and avoiding sugar). I found that my blog list was growing and could take up to two hours to read all that I wanted. I mostly read food/decorated/crafting blogs. I found that my covet gene was getting the best of me while reading these blogs. I was feeling the need to keep up with the Jones' in this arena of the blogging world, and my personal life (spiritual, family, regular disciplines) was being sacrificed. I was also spending way too much time playing games on facebook. Way, way too much time. So much time that my shoulders would ache at the end of the day. That's a good indicator of excess.
So to clarify:
No Sugar
No Coffee
No reading crafty/decorating blogs
No internet game playing!


Paul Merrill said...

Since my blog is not a "crafty/decorating blog", I humbly hope you are still visiting during lent.

Barb said...

you do have some craftiness in your blog, paul. i found a fascinating website the other day. i am inspired to do something with a couple guitars we have, which are broken-unplayable, and need inspiration. i found this site: and thought of you. of course, you probably already know about it, right?

Suzanne said... I know you'll be fine to live with...I was worried!