Thursday, May 27, 2010

the Big Salad

Through I got a wonderful deal on a subscription to Family Circle magazine. I know, I know, a few blog posts ago I mentioned my general hatred of magazines (too loaded with advertisement and selling an ideal I can never attain causing perpetual jealousy and a general feeling of inadequacy) but this deal was too good to pass up (one whole year for $3.99!).


June's issue has some wonderful salad recipes - 25 to be exact and they are wonderful! Since Dave has been diagnosed with type II diabetes we've had to watch our carbohydrate intake - specifically simple carbs - breads, rice, potatoes. This has put a real damper on pizza night but we are adjusting. FC 25 salad recipes have been delicious, easy to make and delicious! Some of the ingredients are not available in our area so I substitute what I can. We especially love the asparagus-goat cheese-bacon salad. Oh, and the poached egg salad is mighty fine. Last night we consumed the seafood salad - again!

If you subscribe get to the store, get those ingredients and cook yourself a salad dinner. If you don't subscribe - get to the store, buy a copy of June 2010 Family Circle and then get those ingredients and...
Just thought you'd like to know!

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Paul Merrill said...

Ah, Barb - I LOVE magazines. They provide a much better way to skip ads - you can just turn the page! With TV (though we almost exclusively use ad-free Netflix), you must wait 60-180 seconds before your choice of programming returns.