Monday, May 24, 2010


I was initially frustrated. What is the island all about? What about Dharma? What about that dang button that needed to be pushed? What was the power/energy/light?

Is it important those questions be answered? Probably not. But I am curious

But the final scene. It has been playing over and over in my head. I loved it and hated it. When Jack turned around to see his father standing and the conversation that followed. Something was missing for me. In my final analysis I realize that something wasn't there for a very good reason.

Through the entire 6 seasons of LOST Jack was angry at his father - furious in fact - and for good reason. His father flew to Australia to drink himself to death, left his family in California to learn on their own that he had another family down under. What was missing in that final scene was Jack's anger at his dad. Through Jack's pilgrimage on the island, coming to grips with who is his, who is isn't and living in his gifts, he embraced his father with love and forgiveness. There was no need nor desire for explanations. Jack held on to his father and wept. Grace.

They showed their sanctified sides of each other. No blaming. No condemnation. No judging. There was forgiveness, moving on, love and grace. What happened, happened and because of grace and forgiveness there was no need, (almost a necessity not to even broach the subject) to mention the past. Grace.

And I'd still like those other questions answered. And don't get me started on that lame stained-glass.

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