Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Another Personality Test

It's amazing how accurate these tests can be!
Testcolor : THE personality color test

Test color is the result of original research conducted and validated by a team of
clinical psychologists, psychoanalysts and mathematicians.
Test color can generate over 50 million different answers,
each one written by an artificial intelligence engine for every test
The Color Test was done 4102764 times, thank you for your confidence.

Result of your test :

Your results present a correlation ratio with our model superior to 97 % .
( In a general way, a result can be taken into account if this ratio is superior to 30 %.)

You are 39 % extrovert and 61 % introvert.

Independently of any order of importance :

You are able to have an in-depth thinking, you think before acting, and you know how to communicate your knowledge.

You are also imaginative and creative, you have always new ideas, and you know how to apply them.

Finally you are dynamic, your actions are only directed by your own will and you know how to lead people.
At first, at 37%, you are centered on your thoughts and your actions are determined by your knowledge and your experience.

Then, at a ratio of 35%, you are focused on the facts and on the reality, and your decisions are determined by your perception of facts.

Finally, at 27%, you are attached to moral values and feelings, and you have an emotional relation with the environment.

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