Friday, July 09, 2010

The Prophets of Old

I've been thinking a lot lately about Elijah and the other prophets in the Old Testament. What a job they had!

They were God's mouthpiece speaking, in-large, to a nation which had turned their back on Him. The prophets pleaded, brought dead bones to life, threw off their clothes, dug trenches, ate what the birds gave them and still, it seemed, no one would listen. Their's was a difficult life. They knew what God had for their people. They had access to kings and queens and were often scoffed, ridiculed and threatened. But still they persisted. They had the word of God. They had the Spirit of God. They pled with God for mercy. And still the people turned away and worshipped what the other nations worshipped.

God didn't remove these men from their positions, authoritatively, spiritually, emotionally nor physically. God kept them there - for the people's mercy, for the people's sake. God put these prophets in a position which would harden their heads - foreheads of steel (because I am sure it felt like they were banging their heads against the wall). But God did not give up. He didn't pull His men out of reach from Israel and Judah. He kept these voices crying out grace, mercy and truth within ear shot of the rebellious. He kept them there so the wayward would see and know that He still pursued them, He still loved them and wanted them back in relationship with their Creator.

God does not give up.

We do. He doesn't.

What an example of patience!

What an example of love!

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