Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You may do it Saturday nights, Sunday mornings or Sunday nights but church worship, to me, seems like date nights with God. They are those set-aside times to focus, pay attention to the One I love, time to learn more about Him and extend my arms in Thanks and Receive more Mercy and Grace.

To worship in the everyday - not just on those "dates" - means to live into my new creation, as He is molding and shaping me. It means I respond to His Spirit leading me to a person, a service or time with Him. It sometimes means stepping out of my comfort zone and trusting He will give me all that I need for the moment. It is the time to build trust in my relationship with the One I love. Does my daily routine reflect my relationship with God? Can others tell I am spoken for?

Does this seem like a "girly" description of a relationship with God?

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Beth said...

Girly or not, it's beautiful!