Sunday, August 27, 2006

joie de vivre

I am convinced one reason God has given us the gift of parenthood is so we can see the joy in children and return us to that life of simplicity. Liam is our youngest. He turned 2 in May. I remember when he first smiled and laughed. It was from the gut, deep, meaningful, full. He puts his everything into everything he does, whether it's grasping a spoon and shoveling cheerios into his mouth or building a tower with his mega-blocks.
Dave would tell you his highlight of the day is when he comes into the house and Liam runs to the door yelling, "DAAADDDY!" with the biggest grin and arms wide open. Liam's joy is seeing his family.
It is because of my children I understand why Jesus said, unless we become as little children we will not inherit the kingdom of God. Little children embrace life, they embrace you, they love unconditionally and expectantly. When Liam cries he expects to be comforted. When he's hungry, hurt, or has a poopy diaper, he knows he will be taken care of. He reaches out his arms fully knowing there will be arms picking him up. [I know this is not the case for many children in this world. That is a whole other issue to blog about.]
If I looked to my Father as Liam looks to me and Dave, how much richer our relationship would be. I want to expect to receive from God simply because He's my Father. Liam doesn't expect to work for love or food or protection. It's there for him simply because of who he is.
Liam, and Ian and Emma and Aidan are the greatest blessings. They are constant reminders of God's abundant and overflowing love that I must return to. Getting it through my thick skull, that will take a lifetime. And they will grow up, marry, have families of their own and learn this lesson. What a wonderful thing! The lessons of God's love never die. They continue with each generation.

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Candice Erickson said...

Hello- I'm a new blogger, so I'm just feeling things out. I just had my first child 4 months ago and it's amazing to me how things come into perspective with having a little one around. The way I love my son is unconditional and to think God loves me more than I love my son. Wow! There's more depth in wanting to know my savior now then ever before. Children are a blessing just like The Word says. Seeing or remembering what it's like to have a child’s heart and eyes.
I enjoyed your blog. I'm a new mom, so I know I could use all the help I need. God Bless -