Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just like everyone else

Okay, this is the premiere posting of the celticpole blog. My husband started a blog about 3 months ago. His good friend has a blog, about a year old. Some other good friends of ours have their own blog. I just jump on board the blog-train a little later than some (not most because I know most don't even have email yet).
I titled this Just Like Everyone Else because the older I get the more I understand how much I am like other women (people?). I used to think I was alone in this world in regard to my ill-conceived ideas, apprehensions, fears, insecurities. But the older I get, the more I open myself up to those around me, I realize I am so much like everyone else. And I think everyone is so much like everyone else. We just isolate ourselves so well that we begin to feel like our desperate, inward pleas are like no one elses. But we're wrong. We are all crying out for attention, a desire to be heard and understood. This is where blogging fits in so nicely. It's an avenue to share and be heard, to be vulnerable with total strangers and maybe some dear friends who enjoy listening to our rants and raves.
That's what I hope this blog to be- my place to rant what I am thinking/feeling cuz I need to and I think, "If I'm thinking it...someone else on this planet must be thinking/feeling it too!" We're not alone, we're never alone.


Oma said...

Thanks for being open. Will look forward to more blogs. Might even try it myself sometime. Suzanne

Nairobi Paul said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I'm really glad you joined in.

You are totally right about how our pain is not unique, even though we often think so. (My recent "pain" post: things aren't quite as painful as when I wrote that.)

Praying for you guys & that next place.

Love from our family.