Monday, October 23, 2006

Nothing to say, only to show

I was thinking I should add something new and interesting to my's been a while. Well, I can't think of anything new, exciting or significant to add to any ongoing conversation so I thought I'd add updated pictures of the fam. Uncle Paul came through St. Louis on a business trip so we met him at the arch for dinner. Great time. Liam continues to delight and remind of us the blessing he is. Do you see a pastorate in his future? The pix of Ian were taken the night of the Homecoming Dance. No date, just went with a bunch of friends and had a great time. Thanks for taking a look!


Nairobi Paul said...

WOW, Ian looks so grown up!

And I love the pic of Liam praying. I thought he was a baby! - no more! And we haven't even gotten to meet him yet. Maybe in 2007.

Scott & Marti said...

Hi Barbie,

Man, everyone is growing up. You all look great. When are you going to be out to Southern California again?

It would be great to see everyone. It has been a long time.