Sunday, December 03, 2006

favorite movie lines...

okay, we we're watching lotr, return of the king for the 217th time and there's a line in that movie that sends chills through me everytime. Literally, I shiver with a force of conviction (if i'm putting my finger on it correctly).
It's the battle scene when the men (and one woman) of Rohan meet the Orcs an Minas Tirith. Eowyn is battling the Nazgul and he says "you fool don't you know no man can kill me." She responds succinctly, eloquently and courageously, "I AM NO MAN!" and thrusts her sword into his mask. He immediately shrivels up and dies. What strength! What boldness! I was (am) so impressed with that courage. I want it.
Another favorite movie line:
This is a new one. Just saw Casino Royale and M says something so witty (I say that because not 6 months ago I said the same thing, not using the same language, to my husband when discussing the current situation with Jihad-terrorist). M, "Christ, I miss the cold war."
Another favorite movie line:
Jack Black in School of Rock teaching the kids the history of Rock and roll and how to play in a band..."It'll test your head, your mind and your brain."
Another favorite movie line:
Babette's Feast. Babbette's patron is writing a letter to the 2 sisters in Jutland asking them to take her in, she's a refugee for the revolution in France..."Babette can cook."
Another favorite movie line:
Mel Gibson in Signs. He's a staid, mournful episcopal priest, not knowing how to grieve the loss of his wife. His emotions aren't easily pulled out. He and his brother are chasing (what they think) are neighbors messing in their yard. Mel runs out of the house, completely devoid of emotion, yelling, "Ahhh, I'm insane with anger!"
I know there's more to come. And they will. What are yours???


Anonymous said...

from your m-in-l.....Here's looking at you kid......

Anonymous said...

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Bayou Christian said...

Back in 1992 I wrote an article in an idependant College Paper that said, " we will wish for the tranquility of the doctrine of mutual distruction".

This is the new cold war but this time it's about religion not ideology.

Scary stuff.

celticpole said...

Okay, anonmyous: I'm not sure what movie that is from and
bayou christian: are you refering to M's quote or something else?Thanks, both, for your comments