Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ian is 16

Tomorrow Ian turns 16! I have a 16 year old! 16 years ago I gave birth to my first son. Unbelievable!
So indulge me, a proud mother, while I extol the wonders of my boy.
He is smart. It baffles me how intelligent he is - it must have skipped a generation (and Dave agrees with me so I'm not dissing him). He's on the Math team (big brag moment coming up) and placed 1st in the southern Illinois competition a few weeks ago. Next month his team goes to state. He catches on the concepts quickly, almost intuitively.
He is creative. He picked up the guitar a couple of years ago. He's composed a few tunes. He plays during our contemporary worship, and another church's too. He plucks at the piano and can play a tune, even though he's never taken a lesson. And the same with the drums.
He is kind. (Okay, his brother and sister won't agree on this one). Sometimes I have to prod him into helping but he's always there to take our 2 yo off my hands and play with him. And they play well together. It's almost comical to see this almost 6 footer wrestle a barely 3 footer. Liam adores him
He is a freak. Ian can do these BIZARRE things with his toes and fingers. He's constantly cracking (mostly for the effect he gets from his mother) his knuckles. He curls his toes in, complete under his foot. Weird!
Above all, Ian is unique. After 16 years I still don't know who he is or who he will become. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he makes me happy and, of course, he makes me angry. He's my son. I love him. Happy Birthday Ian.


Oma said...

Sixteen years ago....I remember it well. Absolutely amazing to see the birth of a child, but how much more wonderful to see the birth of a grandchild. What a priviledge to be asked by your daughter-in -law to be at the birth. Thanks Barbie!! Ian you are special...God has gifted you in so many ways. Walk close with Him. Wish we were with you today and with your dad for his birthday tomorrow. Hard to believe I gave birth 42 years ago tomorrow. Your great great grandmother gave birth to your great grandfather(Bapa) in 1917 on this March 25th. Happy Birthday and have a great year!!!
See you all soon.

Valerie said...

Even though "Dances With Wolves" won the best picture Oscar on March 25, 1991, you were the best production that year!!!

I too will never forget the night you were born. It was raining heavily, and of course, the Oscars were on. So, it was back and forth from the TV to the phone (no cells back then). We could only reach your mom and dad via the hospital room phone. When you were ready to enter the world, your dad would say, "gotta go," in his hurried, breathy voice.

I got to see you for the first time at your mom and dad's first place together, that cute, tiny house in Pasadena, and back then you gave me that look. Everyone remembers "that look." It said, "Who are these people?"

You still have that same exact look today, only now it also says, "Aunt Valerie is weird."

Love and kisses from your weird aunt xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Ian, I must agree with Aunt Valerie (esp since Rachel was born in 1990). Good memories since your early days, sharing lots of things with you & your family. We were thinking of you yesterday (it's already Monday am over here & time to think of your dad). Proud of the way you're using such a variety of gifts for God's glory. Keep walking close! You're one of the good guys.
Barb, don't ever forget I would have been willing to 'sub' in for you after the gallbladder surger (it was your gallbladder), almost 16 yrs ago.
Sure love & miss you guys. Happy Birthday to 2 of our favorite Moodys!! Julie

Julie said...

By the way, does Valerie have to look something up (Google, etc) to know what one Best Picture in 1991? Valerie, I still want to play on your team in Trivial Pursuit. PP always stands for Pope Paul, and makes us think of your dad, you guys and the famous initial game. Blessings!

Oma said...

great to read the comments....because you were 2wks late Ian....We were able to see the Arsineo (sp)Hall show (that was pretty exciting for someone from Kansas)and I think Whoopie Goldberg was up for an award that year....I've got pics that show a TV, Julie...not a good show biz memory like the Oh yes the initial game...remember Patty Duke????

Valerie said...

PP: Paula Prentiss, Paula Poundstone, Pat Paulsen & Patti Page

PD: Phil Donahue, Peter Duchin, Paul Dooley, Patti Davis, Pete Defritas & Patrick Dempsey