Monday, March 26, 2007

Today is Dave's birthday

I wonder why God gave Dave to me. And yet I see more and more, the older I get, the longer we're married, the more I let down my armor, why.
I have a lot of armor (Dave's nodding his head right now), but this blog isn't supposed to be about's his birthday.
Anyway, I wonder and I see because Dave loves me sooo much. He honors me and respects me. I know this. I see this. I live this. Dave is the best husband I could ever wish for - even more than wish for (you know I would wish for someone who wouldn't be the best and God has given me the best).
Dave is kind. He is a diplomat and thinks through his words before sputtering them out of his mouth. He retains information like no body else I know (except maybe our son Ian, see yesterday's blog). He is a man of integrity. He stays true to his word. I know in my heart that he will always be true to me and any of his friends. He will/would never betray.
Dave seeks the truth and he will study hard for it. He teaches with a love and passion. he loves to teach.
Now I've got to go and make his favorite chocolate layer cake. All you who know Dave know what he would have you do this day, raise a pint in his honor!


Suzanne said...

Thanks Barbie....a mom (or dad)couldn't ask for any better testamony about her (their)son. I've asked myself the same question as to why God put us together...I believe it is/was by His providence and I'm very thankful (most of the time). What a model you sons have...for that we can be thankful also. Many years ago I was in a small prayer group and one of the women said we should be praying for the person our child will marry. I wasn't as faithful in that prayer as I might have been (seems those growing up years are sooo long, when in reality they are not), but in God's grace he gave you to each other. May your love continue to grow for God and for each other. Thank you Barbie for loving my son. Love you....Sz

Courtney said...

happy birthday dave!!! it might be a margarita but i'll raise a glass to you tonight (i'm toilet training brooklyn today and sam is teething... a drink is definitely on the menu)

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday David and thanks too Barbie for baking "layer cakes"for him. I was a lazy mom and only baked crazy cakes (baked chicken and fish). He's eating much better the last two thirds of his life!!!I rather be eating at your house anyday!!

Valerie & Hayley said...

Slainte, Dave!