Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Julie is 44, Your turn little missy!

There once was a girl from Texas
Who left there a lot of exes
Now with the groom of her youth
There are three children under their roof.

She sings of the heavens with a voice filled with passion
Conviction and worship are her mark of fashion
Leading others to a higher plain
Of devotion and adoration to our Lord she sustains.

Humor and joy mark her personality true
Sincerity, honesty, earnestness too.
A warrior in Scripture, a warrior in prayer
She seeks to know best how to serve on a dare.

Don't let her play woofle ball
Rounding second to third she is sure to fall
Her knees she will skin
But somehow to home she'll run in.

Happy Birthday dear Julie
We miss you quite truly
You're a woman of wonder whom we are blessed to aquaint
Knowing you for 20 years and loving you still must make me a saint!


Suzanne said...

Well girls...remember when you were 22?...well...enjoy 44 as the years keep going faster and faster. Happy Birthday Julie...great memories of the last 19 years. Being picked up at LA airport in a really old decrepid station wagon, dinner at Thredgills and hearing 'news' of a new addition. Having that new addition come to 'CP training' as a tiny babe. A great family Thanksgiving '99 with canned cranberry sauce!!! There are probably a lot more but that's all I can remember now. Hope you have a great year. Love you all!!

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday, Julie! Long time no see. Hope you can make it out to California again, or maybe we'll see you in Sparta or Colorado one day, and we'll all have fun playing The Name Game, The Initial Game or Trivial Pursiut. You're on my team!

JH: Julie Hemperlee, John Hancock, John Huston, Jack Hanna, Jennifer Hudson, Jackie Earle Hayley, Julie Harris, and your favorite Vegas entertainer: Joey Heatherton!


Anonymous said...

Hi Auntie Barbie, it's me, Hannah. Thanks for saying Happy Birthday to me on your blog. That's kinda a bad picture of me, though. Was I really that grumpy? My mom says I was. Well,I just wanted to tell you that my mom is 43 not 44...but I know that she did love the poem. It was nice. I liked the woofle ball part. Amen to that! Say hi to the whole Moody clan for me. Love you guys!!! Hannah
P.S. Oma and Opa thanks for the two bday greetings, hope to see you guys sometime. When was the last time?? Too long!

Julie said...

Barb, I'm so honored to be featured, and with such a long & lovely work of art. You are a saint to have loved me for 20 years! Crazy too! Hannah was good to correct your 1 error—I think she knew I was already feeling a bit older with 2 teens in the house now. So great to talk w/you the other day!
Suzanne, your memory far exceeds mine! Those are fun memories though. I agree w/Hannah too—it's been far too long since we've seen you guys. Miss you all!
Valerie, thanks for your greetings too. I was glad to be listed w/Joey Heatherton! :) You're such a hoot! Hope you're doing well & do hope we see each other somewhere again someday. Come w/Barbie to SEAsia!

LOVE you, Barb & Selamat Hari Resurrection! HE IS RISEN INDEED!