Sunday, June 03, 2007

For Our Battle Is Not Against Flesh and Blood

There is a darkness in this world, an evil thats sole purpose is to maintain ignorance of the true nature and desires of the Creator and his love for his children. This evil desires the souls of these children for his own. Evil keeps blinders over their eyes in the guise of devotion and truth, when in reality it fills it's believer with hate and a false understanding of salvation.

This evil is real. It isn't metaphorical. It is exacting its purpose out daily, in the lives of million-millions who cling to it because they know nothing else. This evil wears the shroud of righteousness but underneath it is ugly, hideous. If seen for what it truly is these millions would turn screaming in the opposite direction, screaming for rescue.


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Quotidian Grace said...

So true. This was a horrifying video--but alas not a unique one.