Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What Can You Do With Plain Non-Fat Yogurt?

I was turned on to a book through The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden. It has been our reference for non-boring (I have banned this word from the house - whoever uses it owes me $1) summer days. Today we made the best paper airplanes. Aidan's reading up on famous battles and the history of artillery. He's anticipating my okay setting tripwires throughout the house. This book is filled with fun facts, craft ideas, games that will last will into the late teen years, and beyond. I highly recommend it.Second - Dave and I love greek yogurt. Walmart doesn't sell it (that and Aldis are the only stores in town). We have to drive an hour and a half to Trader Joe's to dish out the big bucks ($1.99) for 8 ounces of the stuff. The nonfat greek yogurt tastes like the richest full-fat yogurt, but no fat! Well, I discovered a way to make the less expensive Walmart nonfat plain taste like the greek. You have to have cheesecloth and a colander. -Simply lay a single layer of cheesecloth over a colander (covering all the holes). I use a smaller colander.

-Place the colander in a slightly larger bowl.
-Dump the yogurt in.
-Cover with saranwrap and place in the refrigerator for a few hours. Overnight is best.
- The next morning the whey is drained from the yogurt and thickened.

I enjoy this as is. Dave adds honey (very Greek). Mixed fruit is a nice addition too.


oma said...

Ummmmm!reminds me of last summer...Sounds great. What does Emma think?

Julie in SEA said...

Hey, we got the Boys book for Andrew too! First saw it in NZ and thought it was the greatest. Andrew loves it.

Barb said...

Andrew and Aidan should get together this summer to build go-carts and tree houses. Heck, you and I should!