Monday, July 02, 2007

5 Things I Dig, Love, Revere, Appreciate, Find Fascinating...About Jesus

I love Astronomy Picture of the Day (see my sidebar). Click there everyday and you'll see a new picture from something (nubulae, stars, gasses, planets, etc.) from space. It reminds me how small I am, How great God is, how creative He is and in His greatness and massive creativity how he bends toward earth and loves us.

There's another meme going around the blogosphere. This one is entitled "5 Things You Dig About Jesus". Now I love the idea of one sharing their personal understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ with the world but the use of the word "dig" set me off a bit. It lacks a certain sense of holiness and reverence. And yet in our English language "5 Things I Love About Jesus" doesn't convey the depth of gratitude I think "dig" is trying to communicate. So I'm playing along:

1. He's Creator of the vast universes and cares for me intimately
2. He knows the heart of every person and still loves us.
3. He sees me with His eyes and not mine.
4. He loves creativity - giving us so many different species, varieties (not just one flower, one fruit, one dog)
5. He is patient and wise and even in the midst of trials, His love and perfect plan are made real.

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