Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Rant

My husband said I was rude. I think I was justified.

We went to the Verizon store yesterday so I could upgrade my phone. After so many months you're allowed to get a new phone with a discount BUT you have to renew your service contract. We renewed our contract in March when we added another line (for Ian's birthday). At that time we asked "When can I get a new phone." I was told in June.

So we traipse into the store, all ready to pick out something with a camera (now pretty standard and inexpensive and did I tell you the battery on my phone doesn't last longer than a day?). Guess what -- I have to renew our contract if I want a new phone. WHAT?! Yep, that's right. New phones are free or discounted only if you renew your contract. So I ask, "Umm, we renewed our contract in March when we added a third line. Doesn't that count?" Apparently NOT! Now I could buy a new battery for $49 but with my phone being so old (22 months - that's old?!) it probably wouldn't do much good or I could purchase a new phone at retail price. Do you know how much the retail price of a phone is - especially the phones that usually come free (with a contract)? $129!

I was flabberghasted. I asked again saying "That can't be right, we just renewed and I was told when we renewed that I could come back in June to get a new phone." I was given the same company line.

I turned to walk out and loudly said, "That's ridiculous!" The sales rep. said "Have I nice day." but I couldn't respond. I walked out of the store with Dave saying to my back, "Honey, that was rather rude."

I quickly spun around and said "Rude! Are you defending their policy!"
"Uhhh, no, I just think you were a little rude in there. They're just doing their job."
"Well, that doesn't help me with their ridiculous policy which we renewed and we were told to come back in..."
"Yeah, but you were rude."
"I'm also mad. I'm going home to write a letter to Verizon and tell them this is ridiculous. And what's more infuriating is they have a monopoloy on our business. We have no other cell phone service in our area. And I am still ticked at Verizon for driving through 2 1/2 states with no service. CAN THEY HEAR ME NOW!"

So two blogs ago I said I wish I were more bold. I just didn't want to add "rude" to that!

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Valerie said...

Who at Verizon told you that you, Barbie, could get a new phone in June? As Mudsie would say, always get a name. Did they tell you that you could get a new phone providing that you re-renewed the contract in June? Sadly everything involving a business transaction with a contract needs to be documented to the minute and second.

I find that whenever I complain to upper management, it helps to have detailed documentation. Have this in your letter or on the phone when you make your complaint.

If Verizon wants to keep your family's business, they would do their best to make you happy.

I would also relay your anxiety and frustration with the lack of service on your road trip in May. That to me, is much more of a concern than an employee giving out false or incorrect information.

Be diligent about writing and sending out that letter. Keep us posted on what happens.